Our Innovative Business Model

We have been re-thinking the classical business model of management consulting and have come up with a new concept that provides benefits for both, the consultant and the client: The FIRM model.

Full life-cycle: Our service does not stop at presenting a diagnosis. We participate in all stages of the project, from idealization to measurement of results.

Impact-oriented: We prioritize projects that lead to measurable financial results. The verification of these results is an integral part of the scope of our work.

Risk sharing: We work with success fees on projects where the measurement of outcomes is sufficiently robust.

Mentoring: We pass our expertise to our customers’ employees to empower and engage them in the problem solving.

Our Areas of Expertise

  • Business Controlling
  • Strategic Planning
  • Compliance
  • Finance Transformation
  • Management Reporting
  • Digitalization
  • Process Automation
  • Business Insights
  • Data Science & Artificial Intelligence

The role of the finance professional has been changing over the last decade, from the one of a bookkeeper to the one of a business partner. However, many controllers still spend more time generating reports than deriving action-oriented recommendations from them.

We help our clients automate their management reports, leaving more time for controllers to drive business improvements. This change involves a process of cultural adaptation that we accompany as coach.

Digital transformation requires more agile and decentralized decision-making than found in the traditional hierarchical organizational model today. However, empowering people closer to the customer needs a counterweight: accountability for the financial outcome of these decisions. The contribution margin metric gains new importance from this perspective.

We support our clients on their digital transformation journey by implementing business insight tools that unveil bottom line profitability by sales segment, product portfolio or key account.

The ability to meet or exceed sales targets is a natural focus of business leaders. Below the aggregate number, however, there is another level of equal importance: meeting forecasts by business line and product. This detail level is essential to ensure that customer demand can be met by the supply chain saving working capital and preserving the company’s liquidity.

We have extensive experience in modeling and managing forecasting processes with predictive quality and buy-in from the line managers involved. We also help promote the cultural change required for implementation.

  • Sales Execution Rhythms
  • Sales & Margin Performance
  • Account Planning
  • Channel Strategy
  • Special Pricing & Discounting
  • Variable Sales Compensation
  • Salesforce.com Implementation
  • Dealer & Customer Agreements
  • Annual Bonus Reviews
  • Process Automation
  • Business Insights
  • Data Science & Artificial Intelligence

In many industries, sales reps need to be able to give discounts to close deals with their customers. Excessive discounting, however, leads to margin dilution, which most companies try to avoid by implementing strict approval policies. Yet, the traditional approval process is often slow and ineffective.

We promote more efficient ways to manage discounts such as budgets, sales compensation alignment and pricing corridors, seeking the right balance between flexibility and control for our customers.

Time is a scarce resource, and salespeople must spend it wisely with the right customer, at the right time, and with a winning offer in hand. To reach such a level of excellence, sales execution requires preparation and method. CRM and business intelligence systems can play a critical role in this regard.

We help our clients to make the most of historical and market data to get their sales force ready for the next customer visit.

Many manufacturers are expanding their sales model to include direct online sales, either through marketplaces like Amazon and Mercado Livre or their own online stores. In the ‘omni-channel’ model, sales channels compete against each other and, with almost instant price transparency, the Internet is prone to generate a price erosion spiral.

We have developed pricing strategies that contain margin dilution by promoting a ‘level playing field’ between resellers, marketplaces and online stores.


  • Go-To-Market Strategy
  • Omni-Channel Approach
  • Cross-Channel Pricing
  • SKU Rationalization
  • Margin Hierarchy
  • White Space Analysis
  • Digital Marketing
  • Direct Online Sales
  • Process Automation
  • Business Insights
  • Data Science & Artificial Intelligence

Digital transformation creates new ways for companies to better understand the preferences that drive buying decisions. These are not always quality and price. Companies that deliver exceptional customer experience and know how to communicate this advantage through compelling storytelling get ahead.

We perform  diagnostics to identify strengths and opportunity in our customers’ go-to-market model and implement continuous improvement programs focused on the end consumer.

New product development is an important driver of growth. However, the proliferation of SKUs tends to generate complexity and costs throughout the operation. Therefore, periodic review of the product portfolio is an important exercise in “operational hygiene”.

We have developed processes and tools that make it easy to review, reposition, and replace SKUs so that the product line-up meets consumer demand with as little complexity as possible.

Promotions are an important tool for boosting sales. However, the promotional price also affects margins. Therefore, it is important to understand which promotions work well and which not so much.

We help our clients to create a business insight framework that allows them to estimate the conversion, cannibalization, and return on investment of their promotions. Over time, collective learning about the success of activities will drive profitable growth and help forecast accuracy.

Why Hire Us?

Our Mission

“Creating Lasting Impact. Together.”

  • We want to create impact that generates measurable results in our clients’ financial indicators
  • This impact should be lasting and sustainably improve the performance of current operations.
  • We understand that lasting impact is the result of a transformation journey that we make together with our clients.

Our Values

  • Client First: We focus on understanding each customer’s momentum and look for solutions that are aligned with their strategic objectives. We prioritize projects that yield tangible results whose financial measurement is part of the scope of our work.
  • Intellectual Honesty: We take a long-term investor perspective and look for sustainable solutions, even if they require additional effort. We value the merit of each argument, regardless of who makes it. We base our recommendations on facts.

  • Integrity: We treat all our clients’ operational and commercial information with confidentiality. We do not participate in activity that infringes domestic or international laws or might otherwise be regarded unethical.

Our Culture

  • Teamworking: We understand ourselves as transformative agents and facilitators rather than external experts. We blend into our clients’ organisation, promote dialogue, engagement and ownership by involving subject matter experts and functional leaders into problem solving and implementation.
  • Pragmatism: We want to provide solutions that make it off the paper into living practice. Our engagement does not end with a final presentation. We actively participate in the implementation of the solutions we designed jointly. And if things turn out to be different from the expected, we pivot and go back to the drawing board together, too.
  • Risk Sharing: We believe that most business problems carry a significant amount of uncertainty. We want to partner with our clients in sharing this risk and offer success fee arrangements wherever this makes sense for both sides.

How You Can Contract Us

Remote Consulting

  • This model leverages efficiencies through collaboration technology and saves travel expenses.
  • Best suited for well-defined and specific problems that an individual consultant can solve and that require only a moderate level of stakeholder interaction.
  • Our fees can comprise a success-based component of up to 100%.

Engagement Consulting

  • A consultant will work at your company from Monday to Thursday and remotely on Fridays.
  • He acts as a facilitator and project manager by engaging employees from his organization in face-to-face meetings and guiding them to perform project analysis and implementation tasks.
  • Our fees can comprise a success-based component of up to 100%.

Consultant Taskforce

  • We make up a team of consultants through our partnerships who will work at our client’s company from Monday to Thursday and remotely on Fridays.
  • The team will consist of analysts and a project manager and will perform all tasks necessary to bring the project to success fast and independently.
  • A success fee can be negotiated on a case by case basis.

Our Partners

Mirow & Co. is a boutique consulting firm based in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Lisbon and Barcelona with focus on strategy consulting that has made pragmatism and empathy to their trademark. We maintain a strong partnership that helps us leveraging each other’s expertise and resources.

Next Step is a consultancy based in Porto Alegre with focus on the integration of business and information technology. We cooperate when it comes to finding the right IT support for our business solutions.

COMATCH is German Consultant Platform that helps independent consultants to collaborate on projects globally.